Scan Token Contract


Top100 Token Scanner aims to make DEX trading safer from malicious contracts, rug pulls, honeypots, and hacks. This tool scans contracts for several known scams/vulnerabilities, computes helpful token metrics, and highlights the important risks. You could highly reduce the risk of losing your assets with a simple token scan, use it before every first buy into a new coin or token, and make it the part of your DYOR process.

How the Scanner works?

Contract scan work from publicly available information and follow the “Code is the law” mindset, be aware that no Source Code, Holders or Liquidity pools information can prove or deny the will of the DeFi contract creator/owner. If the Token is listed on our site you will access even more information such as all time high (ATH), social media presence. The automated audit result is a measure of how well the token contract and characteristics meet the criteria for safety. We are constantly working on improving or scanning and reporting tools.


Results may not be applicable if the token is in presale. Automated scanners are limited and not always completely accurate. A token with a high score may still have hidden malicious code. The score is not advice and should be considered along with other factors. Always do your own research and consult multiple sources of information.