introducing LOVEMETA, a groundbreaking crypto token that aims to revolutionize the world of digital relationships and emotional connections. Designed to foster love, empathy, and compassion within the crypto space, LOVEMETA brings a unique blend of technological innovation and heartfelt emotions to the forefront.

As a digital currency, LOVEMETA operates on a decentralized blockchain platform, providing secure and transparent transactions while empowering individuals to express and share love and affection in a digital format. By combining the power of blockchain technology with the universal language of love, LOVEMETA offers a one-of-a-kind experience for crypto enthusiasts and individuals seeking meaningful connections.

One of the key features of LOVEMETA is its emphasis on fostering genuine human connections. The token's underlying philosophy is centered around promoting emotional well-being and empathy in an increasingly digital world. Through various mechanisms, LOVEMETA incentivizes acts of kindness, compassion, and support among its community members, encouraging positive interactions and fostering a sense of unity.

LOVEMETA's tokenomics are designed to reward engagement and positive contributions. Holders of the token are encouraged to participate in community-driven initiatives that spread love and positivity. These initiatives may include charitable donations, supporting social causes, or organizing events that bring people together. By actively engaging with the LOVEMETA ecosystem, users can earn rewards, further deepening their connection to the community and amplifying the impact of their contributions.

With a strong focus on security and privacy, LOVEMETA ensures that users' personal data and transactional information are protected. Leveraging the blockchain's inherent transparency, LOVEMETA provides users with the confidence and peace of mind to engage in genuine connections without compromising their privacy.

Furthermore, LOVEMETA seeks to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds by encouraging real-life expressions of love and affection. The token aims to collaborate with various partners and businesses to create unique experiences, such as exclusive events, gifts, or services that can be accessed using LOVEMETA. These experiences will enable users to tangibly express their emotions and create lasting memories.

In summary, LOVEMETA is not just another crypto token; it represents a new paradigm in the crypto space. By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with the fundamental human need for connection and affection, LOVEMETA creates a platform that fosters meaningful relationships, promotes emotional well-being, and encourages acts of kindness and empathy. With LOVEMETA, love truly meets the digital world.
11:53:58 Mar 1 $2.03 1.45B
11:37:34 Mar 1 $2.24 1.61B
12:37:21 Feb 29 $2.03 1.49B
22:49:54 Feb 25 $3.95 2.89B
04:45:17 Feb 25 $0.976 702.40M
12:00:15 Feb 24 $2.64 1.92B
09:59:59 Feb 24 $4.07 3.02B
02:43:07 Feb 23 $1.83 1.38B
01:31:21 Feb 22 $1.94 1.47B
01:29:57 Feb 22 $1.93 1.45B
01:29:09 Feb 22 $1.93 1.43B
01:27:57 Feb 22 $1.93 1.41B
01:26:21 Feb 22 $1.92 1.40B

LOVEMETA Token Price

Buy -
Sell -
Volume $0.0
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
Total supply1000.0B
Market Cap$1.4k
All Time HighJun 27, 2023, 3:26 PM
All Time High LPJun 26, 2023, 9:38 PM
$1,152 -41.50%


What is the price of LOVEMETA?

The current price of LOVEMETA coin is about $0.000000001403.

What is LOVEMETA smart contract address?

LOVEMETA smart contract address is 0xbf096f70fa510b8e89fdac6104f43e849b0fcdb1.

What is the LOVEMETA Market Cap today?

LOVEMETA Market Cap is $1.4k today.

How much Liquidity is in LOVEMETA?

There is $337 in LOVEMETA liquidity pool.

Launched on Jul 9, 2023

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