Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Whats is Netra SocialFi ??

Netra is Social Media + Blockchain
Blockchain-integrated social Media is a quickly growing sector that brings decentralized and permissionless blockchain protocols to platforms built for facilitating connection and content-sharing between people.
Blockchain-based social media platforms offer new functionalities and ways to engage with technology and one another. Enhanced privacy, censorship resistance, and built-in monetization features are critical factors driving crypto social media network adoption.

What can be found in Netra ?? Earn Crypto Reward & DeFi
Netra creates real income opportunities for everyone. Netra's fundamental design principle is to manage incentives fairly across all stakeholders. Economic models are being tested In Netra. The goal is to increase genuine engagement, reduce spamming, and help creators and influencers monetize their brands.
For now, we tested on phase one. We are ready to give Netra tokens to all of our participants just by simple like, share, commenting, and others.

what is the function of netra ?? New Smart Contract Technologies
Smart contract functionality will allow for Social Finance and advanced payment options. Blockchain protocols' borderless and permissionless features may help lead to a more interconnected, engaged, open, and collaborative global social media ecosystem.

This is a Presale Project!

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ORID: 33620

Launched on Aug 2, 2022

In case of missing or misleading information please contact us!