Network: Dogechain

About Catulu

Catulu ($TULU): Aiming to be the first and largest DogeChain NFT DAO

The team, constituted of 6 core members, is based in the United States. Their first project, Cougar Coin,
was one of the most successful project of the Binance Smart Chain network in 2021,
running from a 1K launching market cap and peaking at 2.5M, while attracting more than 30,000 investors.

They have joined forces once again to launch Catulu (TULU),
a cryptocurrency operating on the DogeChain which functions as a governance token giving holders voting rights
on the direction of the project. The goal of Catulu is to invest in NFT and Meme projects across the DogeChain ecosystem,
thus creating a symbiosis with this new chain as Doge holders old and new migrate and develop within it.
The project was stealth launched on September 10th 2022, and is quickly gaining traction and support.

Among Catulu's visions and ambitions are plans to integrate a generative AI art platform onto the Catulu website.
The team feels that this new breakthrough in technology allows people to rediscover their creative talents and seek
therapuetic value from it. The barrier being that accessing this sort of technology has a steep learning curve, unless
one is willing to pay for premium services to access it. The Catulu team intends to offer this service through a Dapp
which will allow people to experience AI art creation at no cost.

Another goal of the Catulu team is the development of a (Play2Earn) Pinball Game titled "NYAO Pinball".
It will be a simple and engaging game that will enable Catulu holders to earn rewards in cryptocurrency by playing it.
This game is accessed by obtaining a "NYAO" NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which will be minted for free for any $TULU holder,
to use as your players avatar.
06:53:01 Sep 27 $34.64 7.05M 0x07b01
06:52:17 Sep 27 $9.45 1.77M 0xb6dc9
06:52:17 Sep 27 $46.91 9.10M 0xb6dc9
06:39:30 Sep 27 $24.73 4.55M 0x60c8f
06:38:32 Sep 27 $26.36 4.71M 0xf4032
04:34:32 Sep 27 $9.43 1.66M 0x32919
04:33:47 Sep 27 $9.43 1.68M 0x000ef
04:24:07 Sep 27 $18.85 3.41M 0xe56e2
04:20:56 Sep 27 $32.70 5.90M 0xde24c
04:16:32 Sep 27 $17.19 3.01M 0x98f6c
04:08:15 Sep 27 $24.27 4.16M 0xcfcfb
04:00:10 Sep 27 $0.063 10,578.40 0x4cab9
03:59:38 Sep 27 $0.126 21,158.99 0xcb267
03:58:59 Sep 27 $0.251 42,326.80 0xba920
03:52:04 Sep 27 $52.66 9.13M 0x64663
03:51:23 Sep 27 $3.14 562,342.06 0xbd96f
03:50:46 Sep 27 $62.84 11.69M 0xc183c
03:50:10 Sep 27 $12.57 2.44M 0x5dc55
03:49:46 Sep 27 $12.57 2.48M 0x9f0e6
03:47:42 Sep 27 $81.61 17.05M 0xe26f3
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ORID: 62412

Catulu Token Price

Buy -
Sell 5
Volume $237.56
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
Total supply900.0M
Market Cap$4.4k
All Time HighSep 12, 2022, 2:54 PM
$0.00004198-88.30 %
All Time High LPSep 12, 2022, 10:37 PM
$8,357 -60.82 %

Launched on Sep 9, 2022

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