Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

About PrivaCoin

The purpose of PrivaCoin is to pave the way for research on new ideas and to invest more in the work which ensures privacy using high-tech technology. Privacy is the foundation of our study, which explores technological innovation for the purpose of policy analysis. PrivaCoin supports the right to privacy, prevent accessing the personal data, complying with applicable data protection laws. Our project prevents the government from spying on people (for no reason). PrivaCoin prevents groups from using personal data for their own purposes. Our project helps ensure that those who steal or misuse data are held accountable. PrivaCoin helps maintain social boundaries and build trust. The PrivaCoin project allows you to freely engage in politics, protecting freedom of speech, thought and reputation.


This is a Presale Project!

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ORID: 56673

Launched on Sep 9, 2022

In case of missing or misleading information please contact us!