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1$Boy Token


Reward 5000000000
Airdrop distribution 10/26/2022
1$Boy Token Description
1$ is the name of a normal boy. that is nothing special Like all of us, but he has a dream, a dream that relies on. be the driving force And also makes his breath meaningful. The 1$Boy token project is not a fancy content. There are no lines or any specialties. This project was built on the frustrations of Shib and Doge, and if you're the survivor. And hope that someday someone will take you to your desired destination, of course, that's us 1$Boy. Don't ask for a beautiful roadmap. Don't ask for Whitepaper That looks great, we don't have anything. we only have dreams

Burn 0.1%
Trading Fees 0.1%

Buy Tax1% And Sell Tax1%

/ Research & Development
/ Website Launch
/ Token Smart Contract
/ Fair lunch
/ Advertising Campaigns
/ Influencer Marketing
/ Telegram Call Groups
/ Launch on Dex
Staking Dapp
How to get
🏆🏆 🎯 1$Boy token Airdrop #DreamOverTheDream
You’ll receive 10,000,000 1$Boy (500 wallets)🎉

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