Cypto Crowd Game

Gather the largest crowd behind you and your chosen cryptocurrency!

Crypto Crowd is a cool io multiplayer where you have the biggest crowd behind you
and the Cryptocurrency you have chosen and thereby become the leader
of the entire crypto world.

Run through the streets with your Crypto man and touch the white people,
to make them part of your cryptocurrency. Within two minutes you have the chance
Gather hundreds of followers behind you and take your opponents out of the game in the process.

Because of course it is also a good idea to have not only the neutral FIAT males but also the
to occupy the opposing crowd. Orient yourself by the arrows with the number
Oppose followers and attack groups smaller than your own.

But also be careful! Scammers, banks, even the SEC are on your trail and want you
fight you with all your might. Are you ready to take on the challenge and one
to become the next big leader in cryptospace?

choose a color/cryptocurrency

It's time to show your loyalty and commitment to Crypto by participating in the Crypto Crowd Game, an exciting and exciting competition in which different groups compete against each other on the streets of a city. Each group is characterized by its own unique Cryptocurrenx, and players attempt to grow their group by navigating the busy city streets. In this war of favorite heroes and blockchains, players must form their teams and convince everything that comes their way. It's a fun adventure where you can show off the size of your audience and the popularity of your favorite heroes and coins.
You can choose your favorite hero/coin and lead your crowd to victory in the Crypto Crowd Game. However, you should focus on strategically growing your mob instead of rushing recklessly to ensure success in this city-based crowd war game. The game also features a shop where you can improve your team's skills.
Be careful, as mobs can appear on any street and it is important to assemble a sizeable force before entering battle. Those looking for entertainment should download the game now to join in the excitement. Your goal is to gain more followers and earn rewards in the Crypto Crowd Game within a limited period of time. Gather as many followers as possible to form a formidable mob, but be careful not to let the enemy mob overtake yours as this will lead to the end of the game.

Gather people from all corners of the city to join your team and dominate the crowded streets. Win the mass battles in the Crypto Crowd Game, an experience full of fun and adventure.

Key Features of Crypto Crowd Game:
1. Game sessions are timed and typically last 2-4 minutes.
2. The game is non-violent and does not involve fighting or harming other people. Instead, you interact with citizens.
3. As you move, your character's party will gradually fall back. Therefore, it is important to wait for other players to catch up.
4. This new crowd simulator is completely free to play.
5. The city has small and large maps with crowded streets.
6. Your ultimate goal is to defeat all enemies in the city and take control of the population.

In the Crypto Crowd Game you interact with people who are constantly coming towards you. Although the city is popular, the mob is unaware that you are in a protective war for the city. The game will attract more people to the city over time, but it's important not to harm innocent bystanders. To gain popularity, you must reduce the size of the mob without harming the residents, similar to how you fight wars while protecting the city's pets.

Assemble your group, take a leadership role and make sure the people on the street follow you by approaching them and changing their color to match yours. The goal of Crypto Crowd Game is to continually reduce the influx of mobs into the city.

Crowd Rush is an incredibly fun and addictive running game. Gather people from across the city and strive to reduce the ever-growing mob presence. Build your mob, become a leader and demonstrate your remarkable leadership and strategic skills. Challenge your friends by forming the largest crowd possible.

Download this exciting game now and enjoy!



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Total supply1000000T
Market Cap$13.5k
All Time HighNov 27, 2023, 8:45 AM
All Time High LPNov 27, 2023, 8:45 AM
$135,494 -99.95%


What is the price of CRYPTO CROWD GAME?

The current price of CRYPTO CROWD GAME coin is about $0.00000000000001347.

What is CRYPTO CROWD GAME smart contract address?

CRYPTO CROWD GAME smart contract address is 0xE2C9C976337357369845c761DD851E2B6942D69f.

What is the CRYPTO CROWD GAME Market Cap today?

CRYPTO CROWD GAME Market Cap is $13.5k today.

How much Liquidity is in CRYPTO CROWD GAME?

There is $32 in CRYPTO CROWD GAME liquidity pool.

Launched on Nov 27, 2023

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