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Jesus Crypt


Reward 1000000
End Date 3/11/2022
Distribution Day 2/19/2022
🔝Jesus Crypt is a long-term big project with a very qualified team behind.
⛅It is a descentralized token based on Binance Smart Chain.
💎The web is going to be Dapp where people could trade and interact in a completetly marketplace of NFTs about "Jesus Topics".
📜Contract Address: 0xc26b4228a99d66ae567d58ee69a4e109f338e032

✅No prior similar token contracts
✅Owner Renounced
✅Locked liquidity during long time
✅Not possible to update fees
✅Fees are less than 5% in sell and buy
✅Real reward holders program

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🚀Audit: 💯/💯checks✅

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👋Hello Believers👋

🪂We are proud to announce our first airdrop🪂

💎Jesus Crypt give away 1.000.000 $JESUS among 500 winners💎

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☁️To Heaven☁️