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Reward 250000 HF
HAVE FUN Description
Have Fun is a meme that can be used in a variety of ways. It can become an effective marketing tool for promoting products and services, as well as for improving interaction with the target audience on social media. Brands and companies looking to capture the attention of customers and create a positive image can use Have Fun in their advertising campaign, which can lead to an increase in demand for this meme token.
The uniqueness of our token is that with each transaction it becomes smaller and smaller, the commission is 6% from purchases and 6% from sales, of which 4% are distributed between holders and burned.
How to get
Run a telegram bot, follow the instructions of the bot, complete daily tasks.
Simple tasks: like, repost, comment or watch a YouTube video and more.
Tasks must be completed one at a time, after you have sent a report on the completion of the task (a screenshot or video confirmation, where you can see that you have fulfilled the conditions of the task), wait for a reward or refusal (in case you have not fulfilled the conditions of the task), and only after that proceed to any another task.
For each completed task, at least 250,000 HF tokens
There is a referral system:
1 line:
+30000 HF for each referred friend
+7% of partner earnings

2 line:
+15000 HF for each referred friend
+3% of partner earnings