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Reward 1550 $SNIPE
Airdrop ends 5/31/2023
Airdrop distribution 7/5/2023
SNIPE Description
What's CIC?
Crazy Internet Coin is the native coin for CIC Chain, a hybrid layer 1 blockchain that is fast, cheap, scalable and upgradable. CIC is a governance and utility coin for CIC Chain
More info about CIC can be found here:

What's SNIPE?
SNIPE is the multiple-reward token based on CIC chain, the supply is really low:
only 1 Million SNIPE and there are only 75K SNIPE left on the liquidity pool.
SNIPE holders with at least 100 SNIPE enjoy passive rewards in CIC (Listed on LBANK)
Moreover SNIPE token is going to be used as the utility token that powers SNIPE DeFi tools.


What's SNIPE value?
SNIPE is currently valued 4 Cents, with a total marketcap of only 40.000$ with 1 Million Supply existing,
This means that SNIPE marketcap will be 1 Million USD IF SNIPE will hit 1$ (25x from current pricing)...

SNIPE Tokenomics & Fees
Max Supply: 1 000 000 SNIPE
Buy: 5%
Transfer: 5%
Sell: 10%
Get rewards on your chosen token, default is CIC.

Minimum 100 SNIPE to get rewards.

Buy and Transfer = 5% subdivided in
1% Rewards to SNIPE Holders
1% Burn
1% BuyBack
1% Liquidity
1% Marketing

Sell & ADD LP=
10% subdivided in:
4% Rewards to SNIPE Holders
1% Burn
1% BuyBack
2% Liquidity
2% Marketing
How to get
Fill out the google form: