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Reward 10000
End Date 1/27/2022
Distribution Day 1/28/2022
WikiDragon 🐲 is the Future Meme Token. The First Meme Killer. You may have heard of WikiCat but don't undermine WikiDragon with it's fireπŸ”₯ determine to be the first meme killer Token to create an atmosphere of billionaire investors community, no matter the storms and tantrums thrown at it by the Elites, paper hand and whales πŸ‹. With it's fire πŸ”₯ it can survive any deep and go bullish. The first and only meme killer Token that rewards it's community and punish paper hand with more additional sell tax fee. Just spread the fireπŸ”₯.


βœ… FAIRLAUNCH βœ… 30% Token LP Locked πŸ”’ & Ownership will be renounced βœ… NO DEV WALLET βœ… Community owned from LAUNCH βœ… NO WHALES SYSTEM (0.5% MAX BUY) βœ… NO PAPER HANDS SYSTEM (Dynamic burn fee) βœ… Initial liquidity LOCKED βœ… 2% Buy Fee, 5% Sell Fee (To limit Early Profit Takers) βœ… Community Hodle. βœ…Dex, Coingecko and CMC Listing βœ… Website With Roadmap Soon βœ… Airdrops is Ongoing
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