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Reward 3/750/000 SOA TOKEN
End Date 1/28/2023
Distribution Day 2/28/2023
Sooma is a deflation token on the bsc platform. The project has five main phases, which are: Airdrop for the benefit of this token for everyone and free of charge all over the world. Sooma nfts collection that will be released on 10th. Sooma exchange that is being programmed. Sooma pre-sales will be done in three stages. P2E Sooma game that will be released by 2025. In the next 15 days, the first stage of pre-sale of Soma will be done. The first phase of the airdrop has been completed and we are in the second phase of the Sooma airdrop.
How to get
The second phase of Soma airdrop is running. 3,750,000 SOA tokens will be awarded to the winners.
2500 people who have the most referrals are eligible to receive airdrops. It is enough to participate in the airdrop Start the airdrop bot.
Become a member of the Telegram channel Become a member of the Telegram group Become a YouTube Sooma Token member Follow Twitter.
Retweet a pinned post. Tag three of your friends. Register your bsc wallet address.
Finally, start making referrals.