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About Pink Vote

PinkVote [ ] is the world's most-innovative website for listing and voting crypto assets.
Its mission is to expand crypto adoption, and help new investors find their next potential gem.

PinkVote uses unique and game-changing features to be ahead of the 120B low-market cap crypto market.
It supports multiple blockchain networks and operates on a large scale throughout the world with a great
amount of daily users interacting with the application.

PinkVote can help retail investors discover the latest NFTs, community and DeFi projects,
see what’s trending and explore active Airdrops through its innovative services like Upvotes, Airdrops
and a NFT marketplace.

PinkVote Token [PIT]


Real Use
NFTs, Voting, Portfolio, Airdrops, Price Charts.
PinkVote holders will get benefits and discounts from all of its services.

The Pinkvote token is audited (by solidproof, blocksafu & revoluzion) and transparent for everyone.

No Fee´s
There is are no Fee on each transaction of PinkVote tokens!

The rapid rise of active users and website engagement has enabled PinkVote team to
deliver multiple features and create a challenging roadmap to add continuous value to its community.

Marketing on Steroids
PinkVote team has created a network with dozens of influencers, promoters from many social channels.
It has also amassed a user base of more than half a million subscribers.
Reputation PinkVote is the leading early coin listing and voting platform.
It has built an ecosystem based on its team’s hard work and trustworthy reputation.
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- What makes PinkVote token a good investment?
Pinkvote is a solid 2-month project that has more than over 50K registrated users.
Due its unique position in the market PinkVote team has analysed thousands of token launches.
This has provided insights on what makes a crypto token successful and what it takes
a project to hundreds of millions in market cap. The team will be using these insights and the
successful marketing tactics used to launch its own native token and take a step
closer to realising its vision.

- What is PinkVote’s marketing strategy?
Pinkvote has amassed a huge user base of more than 50.000 users over the past 2 months.
It will be using a mix of strategic ads on Facebook Groups, twitter and subreddits.
It will also be launching NFT giveaways, airdrops and email marketing to raise awareness.
Having analysed thousands of token launches and marketing strategies from other
projects PinkVote will be using a marketing mix that will bring the best ROI to its investors.
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- Is my investment SAFU?
PinkVote will make its contract available for all investors to inspect during the presale.
The contract will also be audited by in-house and independent crypto security experts.
LQ is also Locked by Pinksale.
13:18:21 Apr 19 $0.000 0.01

Pink Vote Token Price

Buy -
Sell -
Volume $0.0
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
Total supply1000.0M
Market Cap$23.7k
All Time HighMar 10, 2024, 6:09 PM
All Time High LPSep 14, 2023, 5:30 AM
$176,876 -100.00%

Pink Vote FAQs

What is the price of Pink Vote?

The current price of Pink Vote coin is about $0.00002366.

What is Pink Vote smart contract address?

Pink Vote smart contract address is 0x026593a507f20DCF25E0B45E0983C39871735B01.

What is the Pink Vote Market Cap today?

Pink Vote Market Cap is $23.7k today.

How much Liquidity is in Pink Vote?

There is $0 in Pink Vote liquidity pool.

Launched on Aug 11, 2023

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