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$30 - AGI Revolutionist Airdrop


Reward 600,000 ALINK
End Date 3/31/2023
Distribution Day -
AI Technology
ALINK empowers a blockchain-based open and decentralised marketplace for AGI services, allowing anyone with an internet connection to request and provide services that are germane to AGI. Such services can offer predictions or model building in a wide range of areas including speech, text, image, video, time-series, and network analysis.

They can range from a simple application of a widely used algorithm to a comprehensive solution for an industry issue or a standalone AI program. Additionally, developers can launch self-governing AI programs that can interact with other services on the network.
How to get
From 02nd March to 31st March, participants are rewarded 30 ALINK which is worth $30 when sharing the AGI development of ALINK.

To claim your reward, please fulfill these tasks

1. Download Mobile App and connect it to your account at You need to earn at least 180 points.

2. Rate ALINK Annotator App 5 star and write a positive review on Apple Store/Google Play.

3. Follow and Retweet pinned post on ALINK Twitter.

4. Make a good comment and tag 3 friends on the Pinned Post of ALINK Twitter.