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Upcomings DAO


Reward 600000 UPCG
Airdrop ends 11/20/2022
Airdrop distribution 11/20/2022
Upcomings DAO Description
Upcomings DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) , is a community-driven blockchain platform to develop DApps and Crypto services. These DApss are generally regularly using crypto apps but are built with overcoming problems or drawbacks in existing ones.

The Phase 1 DApps are Decentralized Exchange, Markets, Decentralized P2P, Decentralized Chat, Launchpad, Web3 Games, Staking, and NFT Marketplace. All Powered by UPCG token

The Project is a DAO Model and any developer and creator can join the team and contribute their share. Upcomings DAO’s developers have designed a perfect roadmap that is intact with all future challenges in the crypto space and will serve the community with high-value services and returns.

How to get
Step 1: Whitelist your account for eligibility

Step 2: Visit the Airdrop page:

Step 3: Complete the simple tasks and submit them as per the instructions