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About Bullieverse

Bullieverse Token Live price data
The live price of Bullieverse Token today is 0.024689875755032425 USD. $bull It is up 9,70% from the last trading day! We update our USD to bull every 10 minutes!

Bullieverse Has a Market Cap of 24,689,876 USD and is up 9,70% in the last 24H!

What Is Bullieverse (bull)?
“Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. It is built for the Web 3.0 citizen to have an immersive environment. As a result, gamers enjoy an out-of-the-world experience combined with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism that underpins our play-and-earn economy. Furthermore, it is powered by an easy-to-build ‘low code’ platform for community members creating and publishing games. The result is a high-quality gaming platform, where users come to both play and earn, but more importantly, experience it.
In line with the spirit of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), Bullieverse will evolve into a community-owned Metaverse. This will be achieved as players and game creators start getting the Bull tokens. These fundamental principles set Bullieverse apart and make it ‘The Metaverse,’ and not just ‘A Metaverse.’
Decentralized Governance
Immersive User Experience
Fair Compensation for users
Seamless Game Creation
Digital Asset Ownership
Bullieverse is built on a strong and loyal community base earned by high-quality experiences. Our community will be able to enjoy the following activities on the platform.
At heart, Bullieverse is a gaming ecosystem. But we believe in compensating our community for their time and loyalty. Our users can not only own NFTs but can also use the NFTs to play our games. Our asset owners can rent and lease their assets to others in the community. The Metaverse can also host events and experiences that our community can enjoy and cherish. In due course, we will also be able to interoperate with other Metaverse economies.
The launchpad for the entire vision would be through building a loyal and crypto native community that loves our dope NFT designs, immersive gameplay, and simple game creation mechanisms.”

What Is Bullieverse (bull) contract address??
The contract address for the Bullieverse is 0x9f95e17b2668afe01f8fbd157068b0a4405cc08d and it can be found on polygon network.

How much Bullieverse is in circulation?
The circulating supply of $bull is 1000000000 and it has a total supply of 1000000000 tokens. The tokens are available on the POLYGON network.
22:32:56 Feb 8 $41.96 9,894.58 0xe9ef0
22:31:06 Feb 8 $42.55 10,000.00 0x415b9
22:13:19 Feb 8 $42.69 10,000.00 0x5bacf
21:44:11 Feb 8 $61.25 14,320.39 0xa71a2
21:44:11 Feb 8 $43.17 10,052.30 0x26466
21:44:11 Feb 8 $33.82 7,990.25 0xa8187
21:44:11 Feb 8 $159.63 37,674.42 0xcabf8
21:44:11 Feb 8 $33.60 7,990.25 0x28ca0
21:44:11 Feb 8 $42.28 9,926.02 0x8b400
20:38:53 Feb 8 $93.28 22,263.49 0x965df
20:03:30 Feb 8 $0.248 58.65 0x1709d
19:32:20 Feb 8 $34.30 8,145.71 0x704a2
19:30:09 Feb 8 $42.24 10,000.00 0x5da87
19:29:46 Feb 8 $42.38 10,000.00 0x6a9ce
18:27:26 Feb 8 $42.86 10,052.30 0xdf14e
18:27:15 Feb 8 $42.71 10,052.31 0xdb886
17:54:59 Feb 8 $1.05 250.00 0x58840
17:43:47 Feb 8 $42.24 10,000.00 0xcd339
17:32:58 Feb 8 $42.38 10,000.00 0x2c4e1
17:06:35 Feb 8 $42.86 10,052.30 0xc0de9
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ORID: 26689

Bullieverse Token Price

Buy -
Sell 2
Volume $169.28
Buy/Sell fee0% / 0%
Total supply1.0B
Market Cap$4.25M
All Time HighJun 13, 2022, 5:52 PM
$0.01751-75.75 %
All Time High LPMay 24, 2022, 7:49 AM
$175,028 -71.16 %

Launched on Mar 9, 2022

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