Aeon Colony

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

About Aeon Colony

$Aeon is the main in-game currency for Aeon Colony, A story driven post-apocalyptic metaverse which is run by you!
Let your creativity run wild, with custom-building which can be saved as an NFT and traded with other users in the metaverse
Become part of an amazing community and help rebuild the earth to what it use to be!
A story driven game: Our story line is based very loosely on a popular book, making some of the storyline familiar and also surprising at the same time!
A survival game: Play for hours with our unique survival elements, find new materials and craft new buildings to help you and your community survive.
Immersive soundtrack: We have a few famous composers and a few indie composers lined up to produce unique soundtracks.
Built with Unreal Engine: We will initially be launching the metaverse in UE4, and then moving over to UE5 when this is production ready.
Jun 25, 08:59 AM $100.59 10.94M 0x64237
Jun 23, 04:21 PM $184.23 19.75M 0x3300b
Jun 22, 08:47 PM $223.38 23.87M 0x062e3
Jun 21, 08:16 PM $165.89 18.09M 0xe1a19
Jun 21, 05:36 PM $240.99 26.30M 0x28b33
Jun 21, 05:19 PM $212.57 23.05M 0x19e98
Jun 21, 05:05 PM $71.11 7.82M 0x9249e
Jun 19, 01:53 AM $41.23 4.57M 0x49e92
Jun 18, 01:11 PM $11.93 1.31M 0xc529a
Jun 17, 11:52 AM $114.73 12.57M 0xd8ee4
Jun 16, 10:42 AM $111.17 12.12M 0xf2653
Jun 16, 09:28 AM $0.239 26,158 0xe5971
Jun 16, 09:25 AM $0.239 26,159 0x04ffb

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ORID: 25692
Market Cap$87.3k
TXN 1h0
Volume 1h$0.0
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
All Time HighJun 1, 2022, 1:25 PM
$0.0000132534.13 %
All Time High LPJun 2, 2022, 8:46 AM
$40,236 3.80 %

Launched on Feb 8, 2022

In case of missing or misleading information please contact us!