Hachibi Inu

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

About Hachibi Inu

Hachibi Inu is a "Newborn" Token. It was crated recently on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
This page has been automatically generated based on publicly available information.
The Token has NOT yet been submitted officially to our site, consider this before investing.

Be aware!
Our smart-contract analysis find this Token very similar for common scam tokens. Make sure you are fully understand the risks associated with trading this token!
Jun 25, 02:55 PM $9.97 16.68B 0xd7ccf
Jun 25, 12:28 AM $0.406 665.70M 0x01295
Jun 24, 10:15 PM $1.34 2.17B 0x105cd
Jun 24, 07:36 PM $7.00 11.21B 0x43cb2
Jun 24, 01:48 PM $4.12 6.46B 0x887f0
Jun 24, 10:17 AM $1.70 2.63B 0xd83b1
Jun 24, 09:16 AM $5.49 8.38B 0xb8659
Jun 24, 07:54 AM $5.93 8.88B 0x62aa4
Jun 24, 07:22 AM $1.69 2.45B 0x00f2b
Jun 24, 03:40 AM $1.62 2.34B 0x93a14
Jun 24, 02:03 AM $11.05 15.80B 0x4d403
Jun 24, 01:55 AM $1.07 1.48B 0xdaff1
Jun 24, 12:57 AM $0.417 573.54M 0x96bd6
Jun 24, 12:48 AM $7.19 10.01B 0x15352
Jun 24, 12:13 AM $1.54 2.18B 0x2dba7
Jun 23, 11:55 PM $1.85 2.61B 0x75082
Jun 23, 11:51 PM $2.09 2.93B 0x86aae
Jun 23, 11:45 PM $2.40 3.35B 0x1bc17
Jun 23, 11:36 PM $3.00 4.20B 0xadda9
Jun 23, 11:12 PM $3.59 5.02B 0xf2fd1

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Trade Disable:


Trading can be disabled, preventing coin sell. This could be dangerous if you are not informed about Developers aim.



Blacklist allows the owners to exclude addresses from transactions.
These addresses will not be able to sell or receive tokens!

Supply change:


Token total supply can be changed to manipulate price.
"Minting" allows the owner to be able to create more tokens whenever they want.

Fee change:


Buy/Sell fees can be changed.

If you are the project owner you can officially submit this token here:
Market Cap$584.1
TXN 1h0
Volume 1h$0.0
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
All Time HighJun 23, 2022, 11:43 AM
$0.0000000149796.10 %
All Time High LPJun 23, 2022, 11:30 AM
$4,533 76.70 %
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If you are the project owner you can officially submit this token here: